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Walmart Marketplace eCommerce

Item Setup / Content Optimization and Account Management

If you are selling on Walmart online, or want to sell on the Walmart Marketplace, we place your products in front of more online shoppers by identifying and prioritizing winnable keywords and content that leads to better positioning on the leading digital shelves of's properties, including (OGP). 

  • We provide support for Walmart Grocery and CPG suppliers to efficiently and effectively create and manage a process and plan to optimize their online product placement and increase digital sales at and Our platform is data driven and focused around continuous improvement.


  • Our process is identifying the relevant Walmart keyword universe, prioritizing the keywords, and systematically and automaticaly recommending winnable keywords to map and place to specific items in the portfolio.


  • Our services are leveraged with Walmart as an on-going service, turnkey solution and/our data partner.



  • Through our partners, we can offer eCommerce Drop-shipping / Fulfillment order tracking and accounting support, and can help your business add Retail Capabilities on your web page so your customers can buy your product direct online from your website.

  • Whether you are an aspiring supplier, a supplier that has just signed with a retailer, or an experienced existing supplier, we can help you with your eCommerce journey. It takes more than just a great product to be successful.



  • Contact us today for a customized quote for services.

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