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Walmart Account/Category Management

How to Become a 

Walmart Vendor, Successfully

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  • Knowing the details of a supplier agreement, the landed costs, the retailer's and buyer's expectations, best options for an efficient supply chain, managing replenishment, having all the essential reports and data in hand for immediate response are just some of the things that are necessary to produce profitable revenue as a Walmart Vendor. We are ready to take many of these tasks on for you.

  • Highly experienced account Management and Manufacturer Sales Representatives for will take the time to discuss your program needs, timing and the strategic planning that will get your products on Walmart’s shelves and on and keep them there profitably. 

  • If you want to maximize exposure to the 265 Million WEEKLY Walmart customers please get on the phone and let us discuss what it will take to create a winning strategy for your business.  Hiring the right Account / Representative for Walmart can mean the difference of being seen or not being seen at all.

  • Our enabling Sales Representative or broker for Walmart omnichannel will make sure that your brand has the very best representation and promotion. With multi billion dollar annual sales Teams in Bentonville. We manage brands across, Walmart and Sam’s Club.


  • Our network of resources and sales representatives to Walmart means you get the best team on the ground meeting with the right people to sell your products. We work hand in hand with our clients through the entire process from start to finish ensuring quality results. Our mission is to assist our clients with world class service to drive sales and maximize profitability. 

Walmartvendorcom Services.png

Our service is turnkey and comprehensive. That doesn't mean expensive. We are structured to operate efficiently with your business. We have acquired and utilize only the necessary supplier support tools to be proficient to help your Walmart vendor account perform on-time shipping, in-full order fulfillment, and customer out-of-stocks. We will work with your team to correct any current processes that may be slowing your path to success.

  • Forecasting

    • Seasonality

    • Rate of Sale

  • Event Planning

    • Rollbacks, Holiday, Seasonal, etc.

    • Modular Transitions & New Items

  • Demand Planning

    • Production Planning

    • Inventory Flow Exception Level


  • Presentation Level

    • Store level settings

    • Multiple Purchase Planning

  • Instock Analysis

    • Action Plan with Walmart/ Sam’s Club

  • Warehouse/ IDC Inventory Management


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