Walmart Replenishment Planning & Forecasting

The one main goal of Analytics is to lower the operating cost for our customers. We do that through various approaches including data analysis, reporting and insight automation, inventory management and guidance, and overall merchandising strategy development, and process design.

Our service is turnkey and comprehensive. That doesn't mean expensive. We are structured to operate efficiently with your business. We have acquired and utilize only the necessary supplier support tools to be proficient to help your Walmart vendor account perform on-time shipping, in-full order fulfillment, and customer out-of-stocks. We will work with your team to correct any current processes that may be slowing your path to success.

  • Forecasting

    • Seasonality

    • Rate of Sale

  • Event Planning

    • Rollbacks, Holiday, Seasonal, etc.

    • Modular Transitions & New Items

  • Demand Planning

    • Production Planning

    • Inventory Flow Exception Level


  • Presentation Level

    • Store level settings

    • Multiple Purchase Planning

  • Instock Analysis

    • Action Plan with Walmart/ Sam’s Club

  • Warehouse/ IDC Inventory Management


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