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Invention idea, lightbulb sell


Do you have a great invention, or a new  prototype? Perhaps you already patented a new invention, a great new product. Now you need help to market or license your invention. We are considered one of the best invention help companies. Our WIP ( Inventor Process) program can help you make your inventon a retail reality. If your invention qualifies, we will work with you to license it, or you you have inventory sell it on Walmart and to the Consumer-Packaged Goods Suppliers; throug eCommerce or through brick and mortar after confirmation from our Silo expert, invention development Partners.


We work closely with a team of experts to provide you with invention evaluation and licensing services, industry trend analysis, and

optimal packaging solutions.

  1. Our CPG and retail expert partners will evaluate your idea or invention and make sure your product is viable.

  2. If you qualify, our partners will do extensive patent search to ensure your idea or invention is original and patentable or has the strongest possible patent. 

  3. When needed, our seasoned, patent team will make sure your idea or patent is protected by filing  a provisional patent application. 

  4. We will develop an effective multimedia presentation to market the product to CPG companies and through social media.

  5. As the coowners of the invention, we will handle all licensing and related activities so that you, the inventor only have to be concerned about enjoying the benefits. 

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