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Walmartvendor.com, a Walmart Rep Group, provides comprehensive retail solution services to help Walmart suppliers simplify the management and complexity of their Walmart account, by providing a "high value" portfolio of services that deliver quantifiable results, at low cost to help manufacturers / new and current suppliers focus on their Omnichannel growth.


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We have been operating in Bentonville Arkansas since 2001 when Walmart announced they wanted their vendors to have local representation. Walmart knows who we are and what we do. Walmartvendor.com supplier services provides sales consulting helping many categories, and sizes of suppliers, including how to become Walmart vendors,  managing  and improving their Walmart Vendor account. We offer full range of services that meet the demands of multi-channel accounts. When needed, we provide a la carte services to help suppliers meet the demands of their Walmart eCommerce and retail business.

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