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  Is selling to Walmart what you need? How to sell to Walmart? How to become a Walmart vendor? The answers may seem complicated and it takes time and resources to learn how the process works. 

 The same principles apply, whether you want to sell a CPG product, a book, or are trying to sell a green product to Walmart? If you have asked these questions? Selling to Walmart can seem a daunting process. However, you no longer have to wander. 

 If you want to become a Walmart vendor whether you are a manufacturer needing representation or a current supplier needing to know how to improve your sales or introduce new products to Walmart; need Retail Link training, or third party assistance, we can help. 

 We can help even if you are an inventor needing assistance to get ready to be considered by a Walmart vendor. 

Whether your aim is to sell a new product or improve your capacity as a current Walmart vendor, including new product development, product packaging, category management and other services, please contact us. We have been around since 2001. Last year alone, more than 16,300 of you contacted us for assistance and, we are glad to say, we were able to provide such assistance to many of you. Above is the number of your visits since the first of 2011.   

  We make the process for becoming a Walmart vendor more manageable, including getting you connected with other Walmart vendors and suppliers who can facilitate your efforts.  

  Finding the right conduit can make all the difference. Our facilitating executive team is made up of experienced leader servants. 

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