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Stage One: Online Product Submission
Find out as much as you can about Wal-Mart, pertinent information about the company’s product offerings. You definitely should check your competition. Learn about similar products. Are they offered elsewhere and if so, what is the quality and how much is the product sold for? Visit your local Wal-Mart and learn as much as you can about their customers as well as the target customer for your product. Are they a match? 

Evaluate your company’s ability to be a Wal-Mart vendor. Supplying to a big retailer like Wal-Mmart will require that your company have the production, distribution, merchandising capability, financial stability and stamina to make it through this challenging relationship. Take an honest look at your financial's to see if your company can afford the opportunity. Every opportunity has a challenge attached to it. 

Request an optional 3rd party Vendor Evaluation Report to help you assess your company's ability to do business with Wal-Mart and other retailers. 

Step 4 
Make sure your business has the appropriate Tax ID Number.

Step 5
Make sure you have a Universal Product Code (UPC) membership number. 

Step 6
Compile and provide the appropriate information about your product, including pictures for submission.

Step 7
Initiate the Wal-Mart Online Product Submission. As an alternative have us do it for you. We will help you through the process and “hold your bicycle” until you ask us to let go. For a reasonable fee. We can also assess your product or service and complete the documentation process and contact the buyer to request a preliminary review.

Step 8
For Stage Two of the process you will need a Dunn and Bradstreet Number. 

Stage Two: Supplier Questionnaire
Wait and see is what many would say. We can take you through the steps for each stage and can offer to be a squeaky wheel without being a pest. We can follow up and stay in touch to make sure things are moving in the right direction. Wal-Mart receives more than 2,000 inquiries per week. The New Supplier Development Division reviews each proposal and invites in the vendors that pass the test. During this stage the real work begins. 
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Becoming a 
Wal-Mart Vendor or Supplier?
Three Stages, 
11 Steps.

Step 9
If all the required information and documentation has been provided and is satisfactory, at this point you will either  
be invited to Wal-Mart's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. There we will go with you into the “pitch room” and present your product to a buyer. 

Even though the odds may be stacked against a first time supplier, stay positive, there are other suppliers who may be interested in your product. Wal-Mart already utilizes more than 21,000 vendors. But don’t be discouraged. 

Walmartvendor.com offers services that can help you go confidently into your presentation. We will be glad to be there for you, along the way, if you want to engage our services for that purpose. Walmartvendor.com has the experienced professionals that can help you prepare for the requirements for each step and stage of the process. 

Step 10
Before inviting you to a meeting you will also want to make sure you have the appropriate information for your company, including accounts and manufacturing, etc.

Make sure you have a D-U-N-C-E Number.  

Stage Three: Vendor Agreement stage of the process
Step 11
After your meeting with the buyer, if they like your product, and what your company has to offer, they may, at this time, or shortly thereafter, make a decision, or they may take up to a couple of weeks. 

Success will be confirmed by a "Welcome" email and a link. 

As we said earlier, this is when the real work begins, which will include setting up full Retail Link® access and other items.  

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